Xpress Reviews: Is Xpress.com Working in Australia?

Xpress.com is an online dating website with a focus on casual sexual encounters, ideal for those not interested in relationships. While in Australia, if looking for real sites to get laid that work, Xpress.com is known to be one of the more popular casual dating sites around. They know Aussie women are hot and have an entire website of them eagerly waiting to hookup.

Xpress Reviews

Putting Xpress.com to the Test

We tested the most popular hookup sites for Aussies for a total of 2 months. Each of these sites was given the same treatment and the same amount of our time. Because of this, we are 100% sure we know which places are best for one-night stands in Australia.

Xpress comparison stats

After testing a lot of Australian hook up websites, we conclude thatXpress is one of the best site to get laid with Aussies. We rated it #1. We HIGHLY recommend it. Ttry Xpress.com Now!

The 3 hookup sites we tested included Xpress.com, HornyWife.com, and EasySex.com. Cities, where we did our testing, were Brisbane, Perth, Hobart, Melbourne, and Adelaide. We wanted to be certain to have numbers to show in our Australian Hookup site reviews, which were real sites to get laid that work, and which were not. We found all 3 of these hookup sites to be not only legit but some of the best hook up sites in Australia.

With this review of Xpress.com we sent out a total of 100 emails to some smoking hot women, whose profiles showed them to be in the same like mind as we were. We did not have to wait long to receive responses from an incredible number of 45 women! Any type of dating service would have a hard time beating that ratio.

From them amazing 45 responses, we were excited when 38 of these hot women made dates with us. We were feeling great about Xpress.com and their possibility to deliver. Dates that actually happen with most casual dating sites are typically much lower that what you set up, but not with Xpress.com. All 38 of our dates we set up actually happened, we were even more excited to move on to the next step of our dates.

After being totally amazed at all these women actually showing up, we didn’t know what to expect next. Out of our 38 actual dates, 36 of them delivered! That is almost 50% of what we originally started with, putting Xpress.com on the top of the list of Australian hookup site reviews.

Getting Laid on a Hookup Site that Actually Works

The best hook up sites were ones that not only had the hottest women, but they also had the best responses to our emails. These women we emailed, were our top picks for a booty call, and they delivered. Our experience while testing Xpress.com was a blast, with women just as eager to get laid as you are. Our testing proved how real sites to get laid that work has the hottest women in Australia.

Avoiding the Worst Sites by Using Our Australian Hookup Site Reviews

There are numerous Casual dating sites out there full of scams, just waiting for unsuspecting consumers to join. With our experience with Australian hookup site reviews, we were able to find which ones were full of fake women and ads. Some of these sites we did not receive any responses at all. You can make a better choice for yourself by checking out our worst sites page when looking for a booty call.

Our Favourite Hookup Site Features?

Xpress.com has many features which we immediately got excited about. This site is extremely easy to navigate, whether you are new to casual hookup sites or been on the scene for a while. There are reasons why Xpress.com is one of the best hook up sites in Australia, one of them being how they make it simple enough for everyone to find what they are looking for.

Compared to other hookup sites, their search feature is one to get motivated about. It is extremely easy to use, making it very simple to find the hottest women with no fuss. All dating sites should take notes from Xpress.com and how they take time to their customers.

Getting Women to Notice You on Online Hookup Sites

Just like all dating sites, Xpress.com is no different in the way you need to get a woman to notice you. Keep in mind, this is one of the best hookup websites for Aussies, you want to put a profile that stands out and lets the women know what ways you plan on pleasing them. Make your sex appeal show with your profile picture, trying not to look desperate. Remember this is a one-night stand, you do not need to put down lifetime goals but let them know what your intentions are.

We had an awesome time while testing Xpress.com, connecting with some sexy, hot women that delivered!

Xpress Reviews: Is Xpress.com Working in Australia?

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