How to End a Casual Relationship Without Making a Scene
ending a casual relationshipCasual Relationships Shouldn’t Be Hard to End

Ending a casual relationship should not be so difficult to do, but oftentimes, you find yourself struggling to keep the person that you’re with at arm’s length. This might be due to the fact that perhaps they’ve fallen for you or maybe the lines were not clear enough to begin with. Whatever the reason, through ending a casual relationship, you do not want to hurt the other person but you also do not want to make a scene. Breakups can be bad for everyone involved, but being able to part and go your separate ways should be in your best interests.

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Here are some tips for helping you break up that casual relationship, even if it is just casual sex that you’ve both had. You want to ensure that you’re not hurting anyone, but that this breakup is not going to turn into your worst nightmare, either. Prepare yourself, be light and easy and do what needs to be done. You’ll never be able to walk away if it is something that is not done now.

Be Courteous and Easy when Breaking Up

When you’re breaking up with someone, even if it is just for casual sex; sometimes it works out and other times, it might be a bit harder. However, you can soften the blow that you give to them when you’re more courteous and kind. Go easy on them, and ease them into it. When you’re harsh and rash, bad things can happen and this gives people bad feelings in the end. You need to make sure to take into account their feelings on this, especially if they did not know that this was just a casual relationship that they were in. You do not want to surprise them with anything, but perhaps you’re over it.

Always keep their feelings in mind and be kind during the entire break up ordeal. They are more likely to take it better if you’re not over the top about everything and take into account where they stand when it comes down to the breakup that you’re going to be doing.

Let Them Know Reasons and Answer Their Questions

There are many reasons for someone to breakup, but oftentimes when someone is broken up with; they do not know these reasons. The person that broke up with them was harsh, rash and did not tell them why they were doing it. Don’t be this type of person. The other person is able to heal and process the breakup much easier if they have a reason for the breakup.

When you hear them out, answer their questions and give them closure; everyone is able to move on in their own directions much easier. Never worry about not being able to break up with someone, but also worry about how they’re going to take it. Everyone is different, and you want to make sure that they’re going to be okay with the split in the end.

Be open and honest about everything, and it should go as smoothly as you need it too. Never worry about not answering questions honestly, either. They need to know the truth.

Don’t Back Down when Breaking it Off

When it comes to going through a casual breakup, you do not want to back down or change your mind a thousand times. This not only leads the person on, but it can make you sit with remorse and uncertainty for some time. Skip these feelings that can ruin both of the people involved, and make sure that you set clear boundaries and lines throughout the process.

When it comes time to say goodbye and part your separate ways, there are many ways that this conversation and break up can go. When you’re able to take their thoughts and feelings into account, you’re better off. Not only that, but you might be able to save yourself some trouble in the process. Don’t let this be something to keep you down either. With many dating and casual hookup websites out there, you can choose to go with someone that is going to be okay with a breakup later on down the road and is not going to hold you to it.

Take the time to go through what matters the most to you, and when it comes to this relationship, if it is something you do not want then do not stick around in it. This not only can hurt you, but it can hurt the other person that is also in the relationship. When you break up from a casual relationship, it should be much easier than breaking up with someone you’re in a serious relationship with. However, feelings and people still become hurt when something turns into a bigger something when seeing them on a regular basis.

How to End a Casual Relationship Without Making a Scene

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