AdultHookup Reviews: Is Working?

According to our dating tests is not one of the sites that we suggest you focus your efforts on. We always have to be careful with hookup dating scams.

How many of you have tirelessly went out looking for dates, or women to hook up with but then get bogged down by a bunch of questions and her trying to learn your past? Do online hookup sites work? Is it that difficult to find a hookup and leave it at that? Isn’t that what many of these sites are for anyway? The answer is yes, but some people get blindsided and are actually looking for true love on these sites, or they are just full of it and have no intentions on hooking up with you anyway. Well, that’s what we ran into on this particular site.

Comparison of hookup websites

Which adult dating sites are good? While we are not saying that there aren’t great sites out there, because there are legit dating sites for hooking up like, and, and; fell short in the running. The competition literally blew this site out of the water and there are quite a few good reasons as to why. Below you can see that amount of emails that we sent out, how many people responded and set dates up, as well as how many nights ended up in that one-night stand.

AdultHookup comparison stats

According to our opinion and after testing a lot of online hook up websites, we conclude that AdultHookup is probably not the best option for you. We HIGLY recommend you to pick one of those best hook up sites here

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Tested in 2016

So, now that you’ve seen it for your own eyes and have realized that we aren’t completely lying to you, we can go over the ‘why’ this site may not be as successful as others. On many of these sites, you are going to be required to give a little background information about yourself, create and profile, and certainly make yourself appealing so you can get laid.

While some platforms seem rather easy, some are a little more difficult to navigate around. We took the time to create a profile and try to set some dates up, but to no avail. The beautiful women we were able to find after some searching, they were not very responsive. A few of them felt that we were not ‘real’ and had a fake profile or accounts. This raises a lot of gray area, because if everyone is going in skeptical, how could it end well? Think about that for a minute.

Contact from Unexpected People on Hookup Sites

Another issue that we bumped into along the way was receiving much contact from escorts. I don’t know about you, but that was a complete turn off from them and the site all together. No one puts their personal information on the computer to later be contacted by someone you didn’t want to speak with to begin with right? Well that is what ended up happening on this site. Who actually goes through the effort to plan something out, set up a date, get excited, show up and then be let down? It’s happened before, but we actually got no hits out of 100 emails that were sent out, which is even a little bit worse. Instead of hooking up and having a night to tell your buddies about, you will be wasting your time; hoping for an unfulfilled dream to come true.

Advice from Professionals who are Online Dating Experts

We can assure you that you will be far more pleased going to one of the sites that we mentioned above. The success rates for even responses and dates set up with the beautiful women showing up are far higher than for this site. Do yourself the favor, if you are trying to get laid – while we are not saying you never will on this site, your chances are much better on others. Don’t get sucked up into false hopes and dreams that won’t come true, take a step in the right direction and heed our advice!

AdultHookup Reviews: Is Working?

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