JustHookup Review: Is JustHookup.com Any Good For Having Sex

In our opinion JustHookup.com is a complete let down and waste of time. While there were some pretty girls on there, no one was willing to go above and beyond or even really respond – and certainly getting laid was out of the question. It is kind of disheartening going onto these sites and not finding a legitimate hookup or one night stand and this is why we spent so much time trying to figure out which sites seemed to be most productive.

Comparison of hookup websites

Are There Legitimate Hookup Sites?

For those that are located in the Canadian region, we found legit dating sites for hooking up called free from hookup dating scams, EroticAds, SocialSex, and EstablishedMen to be great. For those individuals who reside in the United States, SexSearch was highly ranked, for the UK the site PassionSerach was amazing, and in Australia we found that Xpress.com was the best. That should help ease the question of which adult dating sites are good. While there are other legitimate sites out there – we want you to focus your time on the best ones that are promising to get laid and actually deliver. That is why you are on the site to begin with right? JustHookup.com hasn’t been on the top of anyone’s list and we will let you see the numbers for yourself. If you decide to go through with this site, it is your choice, but don’t expect to get laid anytime too soon.

JustHookup comparison stats

According to our opinion and after testing a lot of online hook up websites, we conclude that JustHookup is probably not the best option for you. We HIGLY recommend you to pick one of those best hook up sites here

JustHookup.com’s Depressing Numbers

Tested in 2016

There are several reasons that completely back up the lack of getting laid on this particular site, all of which may make you rethink creating a profile and just moving to one that will be more successful. We wouldn’t ever want to steer you in the wrong direction, so read through some of the issues we bumped into and make a decision for yourself.

Annoying Escorts On Hookup Sites

Have you ever created a profile and then been contacted repeatedly by escorts? Well this has happened on JustHookup.com which honestly, is just a complete turn off. If that is your thing – go for it because you will bump into it a lot on here. We also found that the men to women who were willing to go all the way ratio on this site was not up at the levels we were expecting. Actually in the responses that were received, some women didn’t even show up for the dates and others definitely didn’t have that one night stand they were hoping for.

It’s okay if you are looking for one night stands, but you want to be assured that you are going to get everything that you want. Why waste your time searching through profiles, trying to communicate with people and then just be let down? This experience will steer you away from these types of sites and that shouldn’t be the case because there are several that are quite successful. Again, all of this is in hopes to have you guys find a woman that is going to go all the way with you. At the end of the day, this site does not get our seal of approval as we found it less than entertaining and not worth the effort put in.

We don’t want your inbox flooded with a bunch of emails that are not legitimate or show no promise that they are going to end in a wild one-night adventure. While some people may have success, out of the 100 emails we sent out, 10 dates were set up, no girls showed and no one got laid. The pretty women that we were able to make contact with seemed a little leery about how legit our accounts were, so there seems to be a lot of confusion and disorganization going on here and it isn’t suggested to try this site out.

JustHookup Review: Is JustHookup.com Any Good For Having Sex

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