In our opinion, the answer to the question do online hookup sites work – the answer is yes, but you have to know which ones are legit and which are not. There are a bunch of scams out there that you have to be aware of but that can be expected for many different things in life.

We tested several adult hookup sites over a two-month period of time and in that time frame, 500 sites were tested. For a while there we were thinking how we were going to find which adult dating sites are good, but after a few were tested – it was easy to start picking up on which sites were going to be good, and which were total junk.

We DON’T like those Hook Up Dating Sites

Hookup Websites Rating Sent Emails Received Replies Dates Set Up Dates Actually Had Closed The Deal Read The Review
★★ 100 40 10 5 2 Read the review
★★ 100 30 2 1 1 Read the review
100 44 10 0 0 Read the review
100 30 0 0 0 Read the review
100 19 1 0 0 Read the review
100 10 0 0 0 Read the review
100 0 0 0 0 Read the review
100 300 0 0 0 Read the review
100 100 0 0 0 Read the review
100 0 0 0 0 Read the review

Online Dating sites Tested in 2021

Why would anyone waste their time on sites like or when no one is even going on dates and only being contacted by escorts when they could enjoy getting laid and meeting gorgeous like-minded individuals on sites like and

Vulnerability and Hooking Up Online

There is nothing that really sucks even more than putting yourself out on a limb and being completely rejected. While some people don’t really know how much it stinks to approach someone that you are interested in but then just being told ‘no’ all the time – there are plenty of us out here that do know, hence the reason there are so many of these websites to begin with. Through a lot of searching, testing and trying out, going on dates and so forth – we are proud to release this information to the public in hopes of helping people out there that are looking for casual sex, to be able to get it without being hassled. Of those 500 sites tested, there were only about 3 legit sites from every area spanning the UK, US, Australia, NZ and Canada. So 15 out of 500 – it took a lot of time but we are over the moon pleased with the successful sites.

Negative Reviews for Scam Hookup Sites

No one like to be the bearer of bad news per se, but someone has to do it. We’d rather let you know, just so you don’t waste time, money or effort – never mind experience more feelings of rejection. We know everyone works and has a schedule to maintain and how daunting the task of finding casual sex can be – but on the unsuccessful sites, our inbox got flooded with tons of junk mail as well as romance scams that are going around right now. Additionally, we were relentlessly contacted by escorts which to us – was a complete turn off not only from trying to find casual sex, but from the entire site completely. People never said that they signed up for the sites to find prostitutes and escorts and we think it is safe to say that many feel the same exact way.

Being Contacted by Fake Online Dating Profiles

Who is going to give out their personal information just to be contacted by fake people? Isn’t there enough fakeness going on in the world? While technology can help connect us quickly with many people locally or across the world, we never one hundred percent know who is on the receiving end of our emails. As you can see in the negative review table, most of the didn’t even get responses that were legitimate and out of 1000 emails that were sent out between all of them – only 25 dates were set up? These numbers are less than impressive and we greatly encourage anyone who is looking for a legit online hookup to check out the sites that were successful.

We gave you a list of which adult dating sites are good and which legit dating sites for hooking up would be worth your precious time. If you are looking to get some ass and don’t want to worry about having any strings attached, make sure you do yourself the service and steer clear from these less than impressive sites. Wouldn’t you much rather have a man to woman ratio worth talking about with your buddies, or do you want to scour the profiles (fake ones at best) for hours hoping to actually speak with a real person? The choice is yours and always will be, you just have to figure out what you actually want and what you are looking for. We can assure you that the ones we are telling you to steer clear from do not offer the same great user experience and response that we had with the positive sites.

Do Hook Up Dating Sites Work For Real

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