SocialSex Reviews: Is Legit or Not? is one of the top adult dating sites for Canadians looking to get laid with no strings attached. Right away you will be excited by the sexy women on their sites front page, with only one of them being a designated speaker. As you are lead through the membership process, this gorgeous woman does you a favor by progressively becoming more and more naked. This site is not only sexy, but men have more encouragement to join because all woman join and use this site for free! How does that fit as a reason to hang around and try this site? Not only do you get laid without relationship hassles, but there are plenty of women to choose from, thanks to allowing women to join free.

SocialSex Reviews

Testing of Canadian Dating Sites to Get Laid

I was impressed with ability to deliver, getting laid with Canadian hookup websites has never been simpler. We tested each hookup dating site offered for an amount of 2 months in Las Vegas, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, and Jacksonville by sending out 100 emails to our top picks of ONLY women we considered to be fairly HOT. If we lowered our standards, we probably would have gotten more responses than the overwhelming amount of 51. Having this many responses really threw me for a loop – there are very few Canadian hookup websites that ever have this big of a response.

SocialSex comparison stats

After testing a lot of Canadian hook up websites, we conclude that SocialSex is one of the best site to get laid in Canada. We rated it #2. We HIGHLY recommend it. Ttry Now!

Well,, I am really impressed by these numbers I’m getting so far. Some people may think this was a mistake getting so many replies from adult dating sites for Canadians, but out of these 51 replies, we made 30 dates to go on and see if this site really delivers the goods. We ended up on a total of actually 27 dates, looking to have a good time on each one. Out of these, we were able to close the deal and got laid on 21 of these dates. Having sex on 21 out the 100 emails we sent out is a number which should be proud of. However, out of 27 dates maybe the number should have been slightly higher than 21 sexual encounters. But I am still feeling nothing but positive vibes for this site.

Speedy and Sexy Membership Process

While going through membership process, you might spend some time staring down the sexy model speaking on the screen helping to lead the way. This site is extremely simple to use, even for new users to Canadian dating sites to get laid. To make this process not so boring, designers for this website decided against just plain text and chose animated gifs and pictures. Not all adult hookup sites in Calgary and other cities in Canada, take the boring out of the membership process.

With a presentation of 12 to each page, you are able to search profiles and hold your mouse over each picture to be given some great options; send email, add to friend list, meet in person, and view profile. Thanks to the numerous questions asks during the membership process – which is all super easy to answer – you can load up on all sorts of information from member’s profiles. Keep in mind when looking to hookup, if a profile only contains a picture with no information, move along to the next one.

Online Video Chatting Adds Hotness to Communication has an amazing feature with their video chat. This allows you to connect instantly with these hotties by webcam and get as personal as you can before going on an actual date. And hey, if your horny and so is she, why to wait to get naked when there is a webcam ready help you get a head start on both of your sexual desires. While you are at it, no reason to keep it only between the two of you, getting laid with Canadian hookup websites is made simpler with group chat and a world of virtual sex where avatars are controlled by members allowing you to have some cyber-sex.

Avoiding More Than Just Relationships

There are over 300 One Night Stands/adult dating websites online in the USA. However, as sad as it is to say, only 3 are ACTUALLY WORKING FOR REAL, while the rest are complete scams. You can refer yourself to our wall of shame HERE to find the worst sites we have tried. There are numerous ways these sites scam you, many times you may not notice until it is long done. Keep a special watch on which sites we warn you away from, it can save you more than just time. is definitely on our list of top Canadian dating sites to get laid, and after you try it if will be on yours as well!

SocialSex Reviews: Is Legit or Not?

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