Flirt Reviews: Is Any Good For Hooking Up Online?

In our opinion does not deliver on their word of connecting you with woman that are willing to go out on dates and have a wild night together without the promise of a commitment. With a name like, you would think that no one could expect anything other than a one night stand out with someone.

It isn’t as ‘wrong’ as everyone thinks it is because we are all human and have needs. While of course looking for companionship may be at the top of the list for many, many others would feel far more comfortable with a great hookup and go their separate ways afterwards. No one is saying you couldn’t hookup with that person again, but the whole sense in creating an online profile – is to put yourself out there to be seen.

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There Are Legitimate Dating Sites for Hooking Up in Your Area

Which adult dating sites are good? Depending on your specific location, there are several legitimate dating sites that are easy to use and are quite successful. Those in New Zealand may have amazing luck on or, Australia’s top sites are and There are other that have women from the United States and UK as well but has fallen short in all of the research that we have conducted.

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According to our opinion and after testing a lot of online hook up websites, we conclude that Flirt is probably not the best option for you. We HIGLY recommend you to pick one of those best hook up sites here

It still leaves us the question, do online hookup site work for real? Some – yes. You can judge for yourself on the following table. is Less Than Impressive


Tested in 2016

We’ll Take One for the Team…

No one ever likes to be the bearer of bad news either – so we will be the ‘bad guys’ here, we just don’t want to steer you wrong if you are looking for a hookup. There isn’t anything more frustrating than putting in a lot of effort to not be rewarded at the end of it. For two months now, we’ve been sending emails out to super-hot chicks in the hopes of getting laid – or actually just getting a response to begin with. To our surprise we did receive 100 replies back to the emails that we had sent out but no dates were set up and there was no magic that was made. I’d have to say that did start out promising but just like other unsuccessful sites, left us hanging and feeling pretty low.

There Are Successful Hookup Sites Out There

Avoid the hookup dating scams. It is completely possible to utilize these dating sites and find great one night stands but the less successful the site is, the more daunting the ‘task’ seems to become. If you didn’t have any issues to begin with, obviously you would just go out and pick a beautiful girl up and bring her home – we are saying you may actually have better chances doing that than solely relying upon to deliver.

Getting out there again can be a big first step for many, and one of the worst setbacks, is that feeling of rejection. Clearly if you had the time and ability to just go out there and pick up a chick to bring home to sleep with and then go about your day – this site wouldn’t exist to begin with. Don’t ever feel poorly about yourself, just know that you probably chose the wrong site to work with and would have better luck elsewhere. If at first you don’t succeed – it’s time to pick a different site.

This was written in hopes to steer you clear of making the same mistakes that we did so you can be well on your way to having a night to remember. There are several sites that are far more successful and are delivering what they promise.

Flirt Reviews: Is Any Good For Hooking Up Online?

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