FlirtHookup Reviews: Is Any Good

According to our dating tests is not worth the effort of going through all of the questions and setting up a profile. Which doesn’t really answer the question do online hookup sites work, but maybe the rest of our info will. You will feel let down and that is not exactly the feeling that you are going for when deciding to test out online dating sites. There are several sites that we have tested that have had a great turn out, but this one somewhat missed the mark of what we were trying to achieve.

Comparison of hookup websites

Several Hookup Sites Who Seal the Deal

Which adult dating sites are good? If you are most interested in finding gorgeous women to hook up with and want to seal the deal at the end of the night with no strings attached, we suggest trying these legit dating sites for hooking up like,,, and There was way more responses and it was much less time consuming to find women to speak with. It is always difficult knowing if the site that you are going on is going to be able to deliver what they have promised, while there were women on, they were not quite everything that we had hoped for going into this. You can check out the numbers for yourself and formulate a decision based on the data that we have collected.

FlirtHookup comparison stats

According to our opinion and after testing a lot of online hook up websites, we conclude that FlirtHookup is probably not the best option for you. We HIGLY recommend you to pick one of those best hook up sites here

Check Out and the Less than Impressive Responses

Tested in 2016

You can clearly see for yourself that even though we did receive some responses, there were no dates that got set up. What we can tell you though, is that we had received a lot of contact from escorts. Additionally, going through our inbox, there were some scams happening, which of course is what all of us are trying to avoid at all costs.

We completely understand that there are hookup dating scams and how difficult it is to make time to get out there and meet women, let alone find one’s who are willing to have a one night stand and be okay with it. That is why these sites were created in the first place, but just like everything else in this world – there are winners and losers, and this one was less than impressive.

Contacted By Escorts on Hookup Sites

Being contacted by escorts is not something that we really expected, but let me tell you – it really turned us off from the entire site all together. Reason being is that we are trying to look for legit girls in the area to hook up with – not pay for ‘services’. It’s somewhat demeaning, you catch my drift?
The pretty girls that we did get into contact with, only a small percentage of them responded to our emails. We did find that a lot of them had a hard time believing that our accounts were legitimate which makes it difficult to know who is really on there.

It was surprising to find out that people didn’t believe us and therefore, didn’t respond. That does cause some confusion, but also makes for a site that isn’t doing as well as it could be. There is certainly a market for people out there that are trying to get laid, but who wants the hassle? No one…they want to be able to land a date, have that said date show up and of course seal the deal at the end of the night.

The ratio of men to women was not exactly what we expected earlier. When we had tested the sites that were listed above, we had a much easier time finding people that we would hookup with. There were plenty to choose from, which made the process a little more enticing and exciting to begin with. Instead of scouring the site for a possibility, we essentially had our pick of the litter! The choice is ultimately yours but, we definitely wouldn’t suggest you wasting your own time.

FlirtHookup Reviews: Is Any Good

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