HookupCloud Reviews: Is HookupCloud.com Legit or Scam?

HookupCloud.com is one of the dating sites for hooking up on United States, where there is no need for relationships. Their member’s main focus is getting laid with American women. With many young professional just starting out, they tend to be too busy for relationships, this site is an ideal option for them. I would have to say, HookupCloud.com is one of the easiest adult sites for hooking up with hot, sexy women.

HookupCloud Reviews

Two Months of Testing Real Hook up Websites

We put real hook up websites to the test for a total of 2 months. Cities which they were tested at include Chicago, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Houston. None of these sites were treated any different than the other, with the same amount of time being also equally spent with each. Although, you may believe there are hundreds of these sites, there are ONLY actually 3 which REALLY WORK, these include HookupCloud.com, SexSearch.com, and NoStringsAttatched.com. These other hundreds of sites are complete scams, which you can find on our wall of shame, where we placed all the worst sites we tested.

HookupCloud comparison stats

After testing a lot of American hook up websites, we conclude thatHookupCloud is one of the best site to get laid in USA. We rated it #2. We HIGHLY recommend it. Ttry HookupCloud.com Now!

Our Hookup Email Responses Tell All

During our months of testing, we sent out 100 emails to ONLY women with profiles on HookupCloud.com who we considered to be positively HOT! I know if our standards were somewhat lower, we would have gotten laid quite a few more times. Out of these 100 emails, we received replies from a total of 39 of the sexiest women on the web. Close to a 50% response from top hookup websites for Americans is amazing. We knew at this point HookupCloud.com would be one of our favorites.

After chatting with these fantastically beautiful women, we set up an amazing amount of 27 total dates. Numbers are still looking great, still loving this hookup site. There is no doubt these women are real, and there are no scams being played. No such thing as too careful when dealing with dating sites for hooking up on United States.

Not expecting to have too many of these 27 dates to actually happen, I was ecstatic when a total of 23 did. Only 4 backed out on us for one reason or another, which compared to other hookup sites, this was completely normal. When speaking with these beautiful ladies, we knew they were just as excited to meet as we were.

From these 23 actual dates, an astonishing 17 hot women slept with us. These women were all at least an 8 on our scales, not wanting to go below that. After our testing of HookupCloud.com, we understand why men keep coming back here to get laid. Do You want some of the hottest women in the US? They are located right here!

Simple and Quick Membership Process so Hookups Happen Faster

HookupCloud.com is loaded with some incredible features, with many being membership specific. Basically, you join their website, connect with different women, get laid, rinse and repeat. This may sound a little boring, but after experiencing this, it is anything but. Each time I was connecting with a new hot sexy woman, the fun would begin all over for me.

One of these exciting features they provide is a dynamic mobile app, allowing you to enjoy yourself even while you are on the go. When joining, whether you are new to getting laid with American women by use of hookup websites or come with plenty of experience, HookupCloud.com the membership process is easy to navigate. They ask some pretty basic questions, such as age, gender, location, and email. Upload a great photo, and add some personal details in about yourself so women know what exactly it is you like in the sack.

HookupCloud.com Provides Some Incredible Features

Searching for women we wanted to email for our hookup dates was a cinch. These search results were not only powerful but simple to filter. If members were online at that moment, we were informed by one of their sites features, making it unbelievably easy to connect fast. We had an easy time figuring out which women were serious about hooking up, and how close by they were.

HookupCloud.com has a messaging system allowing you to connect quickly with these hot, gorgeous women. If you want to make an intimate connection with one of these hotties, their message system is there for you with video chatting. If you feel like chatting it up with women in a chat room first, go for it, they provide them as well.

We had an unbelievable positive experience while testing HookupCloud.com. You are able to meet local sexy, hot women that are not looking for relationships, but just want hot, dirty, sex. This is one of the real hook up websites making getting laid so much more exciting!

HookupCloud Reviews: Is HookupCloud.com Legit or Scam?

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