We are Those Guys Who Tried all those Hookup Sites who met on a board on Reddit, each of which tested these hookup websites. We found out the hard way that there are MANY scams operating in this space, and only a handful of legit websites. We took it upon ourselves to expose these dating scams, and in the process, offer some advice so men can have the best booty call experience possible.

Here are our backgrounds…



Age: 30
Sick and tired of meeting women from various bars and nightclubs, I felt like it was time to move away from that scene. However, with so many websites out there, I had to find one that catered to me and the needs and wants I had. So I climbed on board.


Age: 23
Choosing to move forward with a dating site was not on the top of my list. However, I’ve heard many success stories, so I decided to give it a try and find some of the best ones out there.


Age: 23
Still young, I know but looking for the right lady and not just someone to spend my down time with. I met up with the group to find out which websites could provide the ladies also looking for a bit of love.


Age: 25
All of my friends were moving forward, and I felt it was time for me to move forward, as well. However, I had to find the best way to go about doing this. That is when I hooked up with these guys and we started a little web dating surfing.


Age: 26
Ladies? Who doesn’t like them. I wanted to make sure I was using a website where the ladies were actually real, and not some big guy behind the keyboard. I wanted to get to the bottom of where I could go and meet someone in the sense of them actually being real.



Age: 28
Even though I thought online dating wasn’t for me, I thought this would be a fun experience for those that do use it. I would rather those guys out there use real sites, then those sites that run them in circles.


Age: 29
I love the dating scene, webcams and getting that connection before meeting someone, but do you even know how many websites are out there? Too many, so this is definitely a good way to go about finding the good ones.


Age: 23
Online dating has always been fun, but up until now, I thought they were all real. I didn’t believe the guys when they said otherwise. Guess this proved me wrong.


Age: 26
I just wanted to see what the dating scene was like outside of the usual bars, nightclubs, cafes and work space where I would rather not date anyone. Definitely an eye opener and pretty cool when you think about it.


Age: 24
I was more so curious to find out how many women exactly, used these dating websites. I didn’t know that so many out there would actually be real, since it seems like there are more men looking for love online, then women.



Age: 23
Choosing to date online is something that a lot of people thought to do, and sure, I’ve dabbled a bit in it but I always thought they seemed weird. I didn’t know if some of them were actually real, with real women that actually wanted to talk to you.


Age: 25
With so much talk about dating websites, it was definitely a breath of fresh air to go through and find out which ones actually were working. Definitely a lot of hard work, but well worth it when we knew which ones had actual women.


Age: 27
I have always been an avid dating site user. I am getting older and the nightclub scene is not my thing. This is why I definitely wanted onboard with this project. I needed to make sure the websites I was using were legit.


Age: 26
I chose to move forward with dating websites a while back. Of course, I stuck to only those with webcams but a lot of them didn’t have a lot to offer. It would be great to find the right websites that actually have women on them.


Age: 22
Even though I am younger, technology has definitely brought me closer to many girls. Through this, I found that many of the websites for dating are not as they appear. I need to find out more.



Age: 20
Though everyone has their ins and outs with websites and say whether or not they’ve worked for them, they never have seemed to work for me. I don’t know if it is because of my face, or maybe I am using the wrong dating sites?


Age: 24
Dating websites can be fun, but what is better is knowing that you’re talking to a real person on the other end that is just as interested in you. Definitely worth a look-see to find out what we can through many sites out there.


Age: 23
I am not into the dating scene so much as some of the other guys, but I am definitely into talking to women so I decided it was time to jump on board and try out some of these websites that they had.


Age: 26
I would love to find someone to talk too, and not someone that pretends to be someone else. Through this experiment, I can now find out where to go that ladies are actually talking to you, and interested in you and not somewhere that is fake.


Age: 30
I have been online dating for some time now, and I have had some pretty good talks. However, now I am not convinced that I was actually talking to a real person. So that is kind of scary, since you never know.

New Zealand


Age: 27
Online dating has never really been my thing, but I have dabbled a bit in it in recent years. I was intrigued when the guys were talking about it, and I definitely had to jump in and learn a bit more about what they wanted to do.


Age: 24
Even though I have been around the block a time or two, it was never anything serious. I want a serious connection and through the use of the right online dating websites, I think I am able to find the right conversation with the right lady.


Age: 22
Online dating is definitely fun, and when the guys got together to do this little project, of course I jumped on board. I wanted to find out where I could go to find the women that I wanted to learn more about and date.


Age: 21
I am probably one of the youngest in the group, so I understand the technology behind these websites and many of the girls are younger too. I am here because I want to talk to more ladies and hopefully find someone that is real and I have a connection with.


Age: 29
Everyone says that online dating is the next best thing, and so I decided to take on the role of being a part of this. I am learning a lot, and I will definitely say that I am going to have to try out online dating once we are done.