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Which Online Hookup Site is best For No-Strings Attached Sex in NZ?

Over the past two months, our team set out to find the best sites for no-strings attached sex. There are some out there that are completely legit and we would put our stamp of approval behind being considered the best hookup sites. Out of a solid 500 different sites, we can present you with the best hookup sites in the New Zealand area. Instead of worrying about whether or not you are going to be on a legit hookup site – you can rest assured that we did all of the legwork for you and took care of the hard part.

All you have to do is essentially go on the good sites, set up a nice profile for yourself and just wait for the responses to your emails. For help with profiles and understanding what makes a good profile and what doesn’t, you can check out how to Pick Only the Perfect Online Dating Profile Pictures and why this works. Everything is about first impression and when you are on an online hookup site looking for those beautiful women in New Zealand, you always want to put your best foot forward.

Our Online Hookup Site Research Results

We’ve tested the most popular Australian one-night stand sites for two months now and have a good understanding on how to pick up if the site is legit or not. Each site that we tested (which was 500) was given the exact same treatment by us. We spent the same amount of time and sent out the same amount of emails to every site that we tested and this way we could prove that all of our results were going to be the same.

We found a few great adult dating sites that were popular amongst the singles that were looking for those one-night stands in New Zealand which were, and These were the three most legitimate sites where we actually received responses from real women who were look for a late night hookup. Out of the 300 emails that were sent out to these women, 71 sealed the deal at the end of the night without any expectations.

We’ve mentioned to best websites from the area but the areas that we tested out were in, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton, and Tauranga. You can check out the numbers for yourself, because they are a true testament on the action that was received.

Here are the best websites For No-Strings Attached Sex in New Zealand

Hookup Websites Rating Ranking Sent Emails Received Replies Dates Set Up Dates Actually Had Closed The Deal Read The Review Visit the Site
★★★★★ #1 100 70 35 34 31 Read the review Try this website
★★★★ #2 100 54 33 29 25 Read the review Try this website
★★★★ #3 100 45 21 18 15 Read the review Try this website

Tested in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton, Tauranga in New Zealand, 2021

These few sites promised and they definitely delivered, which leaves us with a great taste in our mouths because there are plenty of scam sites out there. You will be able to pick up easily on whether or not the site is a scam – either it won’t be filled with beautiful women or you are going to see that the responses that come back are complete junk.

Finding the Results you Want from an Online Dating Site

Perhaps you may actually receive a great response and setup a date all to be let down at the end of the evening. That isn’t that cool, and we are not trying to set you up for failure here.
Instead of enduring those feelings of constant rejection, you can actually make contact with real people who are on the site for the same exact reasons that you are.

Isn’t that what you are looking for in the first place? Why set yourself up for heartbreak and rejection when you can honestly have an amazing time with a gorgeous female who just wants to have some casual sex. What sounds better than that? Honestly…we can’t think of much and again, this is why we went out to test everything for you. Ultimately, the decision is always going to be left in your hands and you can decide to make profiles on pages where you are just going to receive a bunch of spam or you can join forces with the rest of the men, just like you – are out, hooking up with gorgeous women that are located throughout New Zealand!

This is a no holds barred, completely legit statement – and it comes down to your personal preference. If you would rather scour sites like because your buddy hooked up once, go ahead, but if you want non-stop action with amazing ladies – check out,, and We promise you that you will not be let down and at least 30% of the women that you ping to have a one-night stand with…you will. You better clear your schedule because you are about to have an amazing time with a bunch of folks that are looking to enjoy their hookups just like you!

Which Online Hookup Site is best For No-Strings Attached Sex in NZ?

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