NoStringsAttached Reviews: Is Good? is ideal for those who want to get laid without a relationship. If you are in the market for an affair, this is where to go. They focus on both singles and couples who want discreet sexual encounters, either online or in person. is one of the top hookup websites for Americans and is grows in popularity on a daily basis.

NoStringsAttached Reviews

Avoiding the Worst Hookup Sites

With well over 300 adult dating websites/One Night Stands in the USA online, there is only a total of 3 which ACTUALLY REALLY WORK! All these others are complete scams, using fraud on their sites against numerous men and women. We have experience testing these sites and have made a wall of shame located here where all the worst sites which you want to avoid can be found. There is more to being scammed than just fake women and ads, some hookup sites are enjoying scamming people out of their money, and these sites are not always easy to recognize. Trust in our experience to help make the right choice.

NoStringsAttached comparison stats

After testing a lot of American hook up websites, we conclude thatNoStringsAttached is one of the best site to get laid in USA. We rated it #3. We HIGHLY recommend it. Ttry Now!

Testing of Real Hookup Websites

We tested the three top hookup websites for Americans, which include,, and for a total of 2 months. Cities in which we did the testing were Phoenix, Chicago, Las Vegas, Houston, and Jacksonville. Each of these hookup sites was given the exact same amount of testing time and equal treatment was provided to each of them.

Sending Emails for Sexual Replies

After joining on we were excited to begin our 2-month test. We checked out numerous profiles of some real hot women, looking ONLY for the hottest to send our 100 emails out to. I know if we sent emails to other women as well, and not just the hottest, we would get laid more but we had standards to keep.

Now that our 100 emails were sent out, it was quite fast to get responses from an astounding number of 48 hot women. That is almost 50% from top picks, showing us so far that business model has us excited. These numbers are something to brag about when looking at getting laid with American women.

After having some pretty hot, saucy talks with these fine women, we had made a total of 25 actual dates. That number is awesome by anyone’s standards. We got enthusiastic when speaking with these women, being able to tell most of them were eager to get on our date and busy. There were a few that seemed a little shy, or apprehensive, however, these women were first time users of dating sites for hooking up in United States and it was understandable.

The nights came for our dates and were are pleased to tell you that 16 of them actually happened. Considering the newbies to this type of hookups, I was expecting a lower number. We were able to get laid 10 out of these 16 dates, making us more than happy with our membership.

Hookup Site Joining Process

Signing up with was a simple and quick process that even someone new to the screen on hookup sites could handle. After entering a valid email address, users need to select their gender, and what type of sexual partner they are in search of. Simply verify your email address and enter a confirmation code for your signup process to be completed. Now you can easily sign in to find some sexy, hot women.

Best Features Offered with Top Hookup Websites

Top hookup websites for Americans have features which stand out from other hookup sites. has been around for more than a decade, which shows us they know what types if features their member enjoy. This hookup site has a detailed and unique matching system where members enter what preferences they have in others, such as age, body type, location, and whether they wish to have a virtual and/or short term encounter.

A feature making us excited about them is their large video database, being exclusive to only members. This is not an option on other dating sites. And with this type of site, was thinking wisely. We were excited when we learned their video were able to be searched by way of most recent, hottest, highest quality, and we had the ability to upload our own videos. Let’s not forget to broadcast live webcams with some of the hottest women looking to get laid.

While testing, we had a blast. With some great number and most gorgeous women in our local area, they are top for dating sites for hooking up in United States. The amount of fun and experience you’ll have will have you coming back time and time again for more.

NoStringsAttached Reviews: Is Good?

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