EstablishedMen Reviews: Is Any Good? is an exciting dating service online, whose main focus is bringing successful men together with gorgeous sexy women who’d rather not be tied down in serious relationships. This is one of the most popular Canadian hookup websites we reviewed. is a paid dating site which features a guest membership that is free, allowing men to create an attractive profile and search out other member’s profiles.

Canadian Hookup Websites Put Through Rigorous Testing

EstablishedMen Reviews

We decided to put along with other dating sites to the test for a period of 2 months in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. Each site was given the same amount of testing time and each was treated equally. We wanted to be positive any information that any information about one night stands in Canada was accurate. We sent out 100 emails to the most attractive women on their site, expecting to see at the most, 30 responses.

EstablishedMen comparison stats

After testing a lot of Canadian hook up websites, we conclude that EstablishedMen is one of the best site to get laid in Canada. We rated it #3. We HIGHLY recommend it. Ttry Now!

Well, we didn’t get 30 responses, instead, there were 46 responses from the most gorgeous women the adult dating sites for Canadians can provide. This amount more than surprised us, looking forward to some hot, saucy dates we ended up making a total of 27 dates. Granted, after 46 responses we expected more dates, but we were still extremely positive and thrilled about Having 27 dates set up is an impressive number for Canadian dating sites to get laid, showing us they have a successful business model at work.

After setting up our 27 dates, we were feeling confident they would end with us getting lucky. Out of our 27 dates, only 21 actually occurred. This wasn’t bad, considering most sites with this service would be lucky to provide their members with 10 dates. Although it may seem that after sending out 100 emails there should be a larger amount of actual dates, this is actually a very high number. Adult hookup sites in Calgary and other cities around Canada do not even come close to the excitement we felt on our dates through We are happy to announce, out of these 21 actual dates, we got lucky on 17 of them.

Women That Follow Through with A Hookup

The best sites we tested in Canada had not only the best email response but also had the sexiest women ready for a one-night stand. Many Canadian hookup websites have women which may be eager to talk to men, but when it comes to following through with a date they tend to back off. This is not the case with These women are eager to talk and meet with the men they meet on this site. This is definitely a plus in our book, leading them to a positive review.

Many Ways of Communicating website does not lack in quality. There are no cheap applications or graphics, expect to see an upscale site when joining. With ways of communication being the most advanced, ensuring you never miss out on an exotic night out. If you feel like email, texting, video chat, or possibly using a chat room, has you covered. With the use of video chat, you can be sure their profile picture is new and not one from their high school days. There is no worrying that women you meet will be lacking in looks, with all of them ranking at least an 8 on our scale.

Premium Memberships from Online Dating Sites are How You Get Laid

There is a free membership for ones that want only the basics. This would allow posting of a profile, use of their voice mail, send flirts, and looking through photo ads of other members. However, once you have a photo approved, email privileges are granted, but the only way to read all the juicy words from email responses, your membership needs upgrading. If you want to get laid, using their email, a basic membership is not enough. Premiums members, however, are able to receive all the perks, instant chat, unrestricted email, and their profiles appear first in searches and are highlighted. Serious women generally do not respond to members who have only have a free basic membership, which is another reason why the premium is the best way to go with this website.

Avoiding Scamming Adult Dating Sites for Canadians

There are plenty of adult dating sites for Canadians which were riddled with scams, with some not receiving any responses from women at all. There are several ways a dating site can scam their members, which is why you need to pay attention to our page showing off the worst sites out there. Many may show a bunch of ads or not have any real women, but there are some that scam in other ways. Check out our experiences before going on your own, to help you make the right choice.

EstablishedMen Reviews: Is Any Good?

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