FreeHookups Reviews: Is Working in NZ? is offering no-strings attached sex and is by far one of the best hookup sites in all of New Zealand. If you are looking for beautiful people to hook up with and don’t have any time to waste, this is by far the site that you want to put a little time aside and make a profile one. We know that there are many sites that claim to be the best online hookup site with the prettiest ladies, but unfortunately through all of the sites that we tested, a lot of them fell short. This is the top site in New Zealand for locals that are willing to have a one-night stand and not feel like they were just used.

FreeHookups Reviews

Over the past couple of nights, our team of 25 searched and tested out 500 different online dating and hookup sites. This will assure you and us that we got the actual facts, and it wasn’t a fluke about the numbers that we achieved. Every single one of the sites got our undivided attention, the profiles that were created were completely legit and these are the numbers that we are so pleased to share with you for

The cities in which we tested were the following: Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton, Tauranga.

FreeHookups comparison stats

After testing a lot of NZ hook up websites, we conclude thatFreeHookups is one of the best site to get laid with New Zealanders. We rated it #1. We HIGHLY recommend it. Ttry Now!

Impressive Turnout for

Not only did come through with the most attractive women that we have seen on an online dating site, they also came through with the responses to the emails that we sent out. Out of the 70 replies that we actually received back to the 100 emails that were sent out, a total of 35 dates were set up and all women showed except for one. That is a great turnout in comparison to some of the less popular and less successful sites. Out of those 34 dates, 31 of them went all the way by the end of the night which is exactly what we were hoping for. What’s even better, is the conversations that we got to have with the beautiful women. They were just as excited to meet up as we were and weren’t shy at all.

Instead of wasting your time on sites that are just filled with empty promises and hopes, why don’t you try out a site that we’ve already tested for you? It would make life so much easier and most of all, you will be well on your way to having a night to remember. It can be upsetting to set up an entire profile and send a bunch of emails out to not receive any replies back or spam mail. Almost every girl that we pinged to have a one-night stand with, completely delivered.

We also experienced a good amount of sites that aren’t even worth addressing due to the fact that we received a good amount of spam and calls from escorts. We know that going on these sites that there is always a possibility to bump into some scams but technology has advances so much that this particular site is a winner. Instead of being contacting and having weird romance scams in our inbox, it was actually contact from a beautiful woman looking to hook up.

No Worries About Fake Online Dating Accounts

No more worries about having fake accounts and being in contact with fake women, we are trying to help you get that booty call and have a good evening. All of the reviews that we have conducted are for a good reason, to help you make the most informed decision for yourself. Give yourself the best chance and go over our reviews. We have tested 500 different sites, so there aren’t that many that we missed. It is worth giving yourself a more than fighting chance and setting yourself up for success than to sit there being upset that you didn’t get laid and wasted some precious time in doing so.

Easy Membership Process With

The membership process is very simple and we strongly recommend trying out We have nothing but very positive things to say about the site and everyone was very easy going and laid back. It’s nice to be able to have an option of the women that you would like to choose from instead of looking for hours hoping to find someone to connect with. We are sure that you will be more than pleased with the results from this site and you will be thanking us for conducted this research for you. Don’t be shy, get out there and make a profile so you can enjoy all of the fun that everyone on this site is having. Just casual, no strings attached sex for those looking for the same in your area.

FreeHookups Reviews: Is Working in NZ?

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