First Dating Messages That Get a GREAT Response
online dating first emailProper Date Etiquette

There are some things that you should do and say, and not say, if you are trying to hook up with someone one a dating or a hook up site. There is a way to introduce yourself properly even if you just want to get laid. Because you don’t have much to go on beyond a profile name and picture, the first message you send it crucial to getting to the next step which is contact information to schedule to hook up.

With your first dating message you want to have some type greeting and then compliment the person. Everybody, especially women, loves a good compliment. Just because you are only there for sex, doesn’t mean you have to be rude or not endearing about it the things you say.

Beware of hookup scams

Keep Your Hookup Chats Light and Fun

On the hook up sites, you don’t have to go into anything deep about yourself. Keep it light and fun. Remember you are there to have an adventure and find a new sex buddy, not find out how to cure the social problems of the world. Just keep it light in your messages, and always be a little flirty. People like to be flirted with, and you can do that in a couple of sentences. So in your first dating message be nice, be flirty, and pay the person a compliment, and you are sure to get a great response in return. This is especially important to remember when using mobile hookup apps.

I know for some people it is just a difficult task to undertake, but there are ways to say what you mean and what you want, and not be a jerk about it. Everyone is different so how to engage with some of your potentials could vary, but there are some standard things that should not be said when sending off a first message.

Compliments and Manners Go a Long Way in Dating

In the previous section I said pay the person a compliment. Despite what some of you believe, “I want to cum on your tits,” is not a compliment. These women are regular women looking for sex. They are not porn stars. Now that is not to say that some of the women don’t want you to cum on their tits, but that is not the first message you want to send. It makes you seem real immature and like a jerk. Even though both people know they have joined the site to have sex, people still want to be treated with dignity, even if it is some type of SMBD website.

If it is something that you wouldn’t say to someone’s face, or you think might get turned down in person, or slapped across your face, I recommend you don’t send it. Think about a nicer more flirtatious way to say what you want from that person, and what you are looking for. Maybe you can even find your one true love.

What You Could Say – Online Dating Tips

There are a few online dating tips you should follow to be successful on your local hookup sites. In your first dating message you could say:

“Hey, gorgeous”, or “Hello. You are so beautiful. Want to hang out sometime?”, or simply “You’re perfect.”

These are some openers that are sure to grab any woman’s attention, but the best thing to remember is keep it short and sweet. Men aren’t too much different if you are sending them a message for the first time. Try:

“Damn you sexy,” or “Hey. I would love to hook up with you,” or even “Hi. Are you interested in hanging out?”

These let the men know you want them, and that should be enough to garner a quick response. Once you get the response that is when the real fun starts because you know you are on your way to a hook up. When you get their response feel out a tone or vibe. They may get right to it with a “what are you doing tonight,” or a “do you want to come over?” If that doesn’t happen you may have to chat the person up a little bit. This is not uncommon even for a hookup website. You will have the opportunity to chat with them in the site so you don’t have to give out your personal contact information if you don’t want to.

Additional Hookup Conversation Ideas

Once you get a response from one of the people you sent messages to and you felt out the vibe, make sure they are truly local. So perhaps something like this:

Man: “Hey gorgeous.”
Woman: “Hey sexy.”
Man: “Would love to meet you. Are you local?”

And there it is. Simply put with no extra drama, just straight to the point. That is how you do it. Or maybe it goes like this:

Man: “Hello. Just wanted to let you know you are so beautiful.”
Woman: “Thank you. You are pretty hot yourself.”
Man: “Thanks. Maybe I can see that beauty in person.”
Woman: “I think you might can. What side of town are you on?”

Because of your responses, the woman is interested and takes the lead on initiating a face to face meeting, and more possibly a hook up. On a hook up website, unless you are a complete asshole or super-duper shy, you will get some emails and responses, and people will be interested in you.

First Dating Messages That Get a GREAT Response

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